Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Admit

Every time that Pepsi Max commercial comes on, I bop my head like this.

In fact, every time I heard the song, I pull a Butabi.


Blaznfire911 said...

Hey there you!

I didn't even know you had a blog. i was just about to email judge, and ask her LOL

First of all....I am so sorry I missed you at the concert. I was actually way up in section 17, but I walking around ALOT! My friends had 12th row seats, and I was bummed I couldn't get up there. But I did manage to get in down by section 5, and walk a bit.

That is too funny that we both saw a minxie look a like, and both called it a doppleganger....I guess great minds...or great vickys think alike.

As far as your post....

I pull a Butabi EVERY time I hear this song!!! I LOVE IT!! My friend at work has a really old cell phone...big, and everytime she pulls it out, and I see her pulling up the antena....I always say she is pully a Roxbury!!!! LOL


E-biz said...

You're not alone! I Butabi all the way whenever that comes on!

I was shakin' my Booty to KC and the Sunshine Band a couple of days ago, and now my 3 yr old walks around shaking his 'booty butt' all the time.

Hey, how's the new water heater????

shakenbsis said...

Ugh! I hate to admit, I do it too, grrr...