Monday, July 14, 2008


So I went and spent nearly $300 on new glasses after work today. But, I got a lot for that $300, and I have 6 months to pay it back.

I got myself a swanky new pair of frames (Versace! Which, to this day, I can not look at without thinking of "Showgirls" and her calling it Ver-sayse) and lenses AND my first pair of prescription sunglasses (Ralph Lauren, no less), plus some cleaning supplies. They'll be ready to pick up on Thursday. My prescription changed a little bit, so I'll have them just in time to go see The Dark Knight. :D

Of course, I was at Pearle Vision for about 2 hours, but most of the time was trying to figure out the best way to bill it in order to get me the best deal (my glasses were billed through my insurance, giving me $225 off them, and then I paid for my sun glasses outright, because I got them for 50% that way), but I ended up saving $450, so it was worth the time. :)

I leave you with the beginning of what I think is Johnny's best role to date. If you haven't seen it, you really must check it out.


shakenbsis said...

I'm with you Cranky on 'The Libertine'! I also think it is his best work to date. ;)

Judge said...

It's sad that he thinks that only 5 people liked it. I think I have met more than 5 people in the last few months that like it.