Saturday, July 19, 2008

Batman, The Joker and ABBA

I saw two fantastic movies this weekend.

Last night, I saw The Dark Knight and it lived up to all the hype and even surpassed it. Heath Ledger was every bit as amazing as all the reviews have said. By far the best part of a movie full of all kinds of awesome. Christian Bale was great, Michael Caine was superb, Gary Oldman rocked the screen and Morgan Freeman was incredible, as always. For me, the two weakest links were Aaron Eckhart, and I still thought he did a great job, and Maggie Gyllenhaal, but only because the character of Rachel Dawes was poorly written. She did the best with what she was given. I highly recommend it and I can't wait to go see it again.

For a complete and utter change of pace, I went and saw Mamma Mia! this afternoon and I absolutely ADORED it! Oh my god, it's a fun movie! It's by no mean a great movie, and it's utterly cheesy and campy, but it's so much fun and so very entertaining. I also happen to love ABBA, so I had a hard time sitting still because I wanted to get up and dance. Meryl Streep never ceases to amaze me, and you can tell that she had a lot of fun with the movie. Christine Baranski and Julie Walters totally stole the show - they were hysterical! If you're in the mood for a fun time, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with my ABBA CD.

"Gimme Gimme Gimme a man after midnight...."


Judge said...

I have heard that if one knows the words to "Waterloo" they are true fan.

I'm sure Grampy McSame rocks out the "Waterloo" then.

cranky anonymous said...

Well, then I guess I'm a true fan.

"Waterloo, I was defeated you won the war. Waterloo, promise to love you forever more. Waterloo, couldn't escape if I wanted to. Waterloo, knowing my fate is to be with you. Waterloo, finally facing my Waterloo!"

Our love of ABBA is the ONLY thing Grampy McSame and I have in common. :D