Wednesday, July 2, 2008

FEMA rocks and People Suck

So yesterday, FEMA deposited money into my bank account. The inspector came on Friday, and the money was there yesterday morning. Of course, it wasn't enough to cover all the damages, but it's enough to cover probably half my furnace. It was an odd dollar amount, so I can't wait to see how they figured out how much I get. I have my SBA loan paperwork nearly filled out. I have a few more things to add and then I'll take it down to the Disaster center here in Oshkosh and see what they say. I was pleasantly surprised with how fast FEMA was. Too bad the same couldn't be said for the people of New Orleans.

Last night I had to call the cops on some asshats behind me. They were shooting off fireworks, and it was the kind you're NOT supposed to have. Shit flying into the air and exploding and then these HUGE ones that sounded like a bomb being dropped in the backyard. I was actually put on hold when I called the Cop Shop, and when I told the person on the phone where it was he said "Heh, we've already had a call about that location. We've got someone on their way." I hope those fuckers got caught and got a huge fine. My poor Sammy was sleeping and it woke him up - and he doesn't like loud noises, so he was pacing around the living room for the rest of the evening. I ended up having to close my patio door to help muffle the noise, which meant losing out on the nice breeze coming in. I don't get the fascination with fireworks. I can understand the cheap shit - sparklers and ones that set off colored smoke. But to spend that much money on shit that explodes? Give me the money - it'll go to better use than just exploding stuff. People are so stupid.

People fucking suck.

On my way to work today, I heard this song on the radio; it's one of my all-time favorites and made the morning a little nicer. So, sit back, turn on the mood lighting and enjoy.


Judge said...

Being anti-war and anti-violence and having my hair on fire from a sparkler at a young age, don't get the fireworks fascination either. But hey... if that is how people want to do things.... fine.

But do it in the country where other people don't have to hear that crap if they don't want to. I agree... people suck. I take that back.. most people suck, not all but most.

cranky anonymous said...

I agree. Most people suck.

There was a story on the news tonight about how some people are cutting back on the amount they spend on fireworks this year.

Yeah, instead of spending $200-250, they're only going to spend $100-150.

Good god - think of all the good things you could spend that kind of money on. Shit.