Thursday, June 12, 2008

Water Heater Wars Epidsode V - The Pilot Light Strikes Back

Well, having a lit pilot light on my water heater was short lived.

At some point after the plumber left, the water heater started spitting water out the pipe that comes out the top. I called my dad about 9pm and asked him about it and apparently that's done when the pressure is too great in the heater, which is usually caused when the water is too hot.

His advice? Shut it off. Otherwise, it could blow.

So, I had to put my boots back on, go downstairs (which now has MORE water in it, because the heater was spitting out water for several hours) and turn off the water heater.

It eventually stopped spitting out water about 45 minutes later.

I did manage to have enough hot water left to shower today, and even then, I just kept it on warm. Didn't want to use more than I needed to.

I hope it really is the tarp blocking the drain and cutting a hole in it will drain my basement.

This shit sucks.

Peace out, yo.


Rachel said...

So, are you going for the indoor pool now? Cuz you know, there are better ways to do it :)

This shit better end soon or I can only imagine how cranky our beloved Cranky will be :)

cranky anonymous said...

Cranky is really fucking cranky.

Elizabeth said...

This sucks. Sorry bout the water heater crap. Let's get together and have a water heater/furnace bitch session sometime. $5K is what furnace man told us today.

cranky anonymous said...

I really shouldn't bitch, because right now, it's not as bad as you, e-biz, but I'll take you up on that.

A cocktail or two and we can give the finger to mother nature, because she's a futher mucking bitch.

Rachel said...

I like the idea of getting together and bitching about water and stuff. That works for me :)

I watched the governor on tv today and he looks tired and frustrated. I certainly wouldn't want to be in his shoes.