Friday, June 13, 2008


It was fucking NASTY here yesterday.

Oshkosh got about 6 inches of rain, added to the 5 inches we got last weekend, makes 11 inches of rain in 6 days.

75% of the streets here were under water.

This was taken on the 9th Ave entrance ramp to Southbound Hwy 41 - it's the west Frontage Road (Washburn).

This is the road I take to get to work.

This was about 5 blocks or so from my house.

I'm off to go buy rubber boots and gloves for tomorrow when dad and I tackle my basement (he said we'd have to wait until tomorrow to get the drain because of the water), groceries, a father's day gift and then come home and enjoy my day off, I guess.

Glad I took a shower at mom's this morning, because I won't have hot water until AT LEAST Sunday. Hopefully we can do Father's Day at dad's and I can shower at mom's on Sunday.

The rest of my house appears to be ok. My porch is a little wet and we need to figure out where that came from (it's a covered porch), but it could be a lot worse.


Rachel said...

Thank goodness we are all safe, but I gotta be honest, this shit is shaking me a little bit. I'm not even getting any damage or blowback from this but seeing the area where I grew up near the Dells and Baraboo getting destoyed just hurts. UHHHHH! And the farmers .. oh man... they are going to loose everything this year!

I hate rain. Rain is evil. Like Dick Cheney kind of evil.

Ok, I'm off to buy bottled water just incase the sewage starts seeping into it like they are predicting here. Then I am going to come home and look at OMW

Rachel said...

I'm kind of slow on the uptake but I just noticed that your background is purple and PURPLE ROCKS!!

cranky anonymous said...

Damn fucking skippy it does.

Rachel said...

Everything is better with purple and cowbell :)